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Latest from the Blog

You Have To!

I want to make a distinction. I want to look at how we, Church, see something, and I want to make a distinction, make a point, reveal a nuance, point out a secret path through a well-known garden that perhaps some of us haven’t considered. Every time you step into the Bible you are immersing …

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Living on Eternal Time

It is so easy to let our time, our schedules and our energies …drift. This is especially true with short tasks that have immediate feedback. Responding to a call or email gives immediate, positive encouragement, but how does it match up with the more important things in life? Much of what happens within life, work, …

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Poke Worship With A Stick

WORSHIP. A little boy wanders along a rocky, barnacled beach, when he stops to wonder at some strange thing caught in a tide pool. Is it alive? Of course he pokes it with a stick, just to be sure. WORSHIP. It might be alive. Poke poke. Might be. The little boy rubs his nose and …

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